The path to
total autonomyending burnoutbeing debt freeprivate practice
starts now.
Everything you need to start your medical practice all in one place
A digital health solution built just for your practice.
Your brand. Your patients. Your Medical Practice.

Save Time

Build and launch your practice website in minutes, with no design or coding neccessary.


Purchase, integrate, and manage all your digital health and EMR widgets, with ease.

Grow Fast

Acquire more patients and manage your practice reputation, with a modern platform.

Why choose DocSpace?

At DocSpace our mission is to change the way doctors start, grow, and manage a medical practice.

We created a simple solution that allows doctors to achieve more freedom and balance with their medical careers.

Doctors can take control of their medical practice operations to increase revenue and decrease overhead. With our easy-to-use digital health commerce platform, doctors can enhance their brand and provide a modern patient experience for their patients.

Step 1

Build a Links Page

Build a beautiful website for your practice fast!

Step 2

Integrate digital health widgets

Purchase, integrate, and manage all your practice management widgets in one place.

Purchase digital health widgets such as EMRs, telemedicine, chat, scheduling, patient intake forms, billing, RCM, marketing, and more

Integrate your purchased widgets with ease using your personalized built-in back-office medical practice operations workspace

Track, monitor, and manage your entire practice across multiple sales channels like instagram, Google, and ecommerce storefronts

Step 3

Launch your practice

Grow and market your practice with DocSpace

Get discovered by new patients through the DocSpace virtual care marketplace

Create a branded digital health community to strengthen direct patient relationships

Manage marketing and email campaigns, newsletters, live events, and online courses

List your practice across multiple sales channels and directories tracking analytics all in one place

Step 3

Join the Community

Be part of a community of creators and learn how to run a DocSpace practice with weekly deep-dives and step-by-steps sessions on how to choose the best digital health tools, pricing models, marketing strategies, branding, and so much more.

Ready to launch and take back your autonomy?
Features & Pricing
DocSpace features & Pricing
No-code website editor with SEO and ecommerce functionality
Complete suite of digital health widgets with simple integrations
All-in-one medical practice operations management platform
Residents and Fellows pay only $10 dollars to start DocSpace Links Pro.
Yes seriously 😲
All DocSpace plans include 5 star customer service! ⭐️
DocSpace Links $0 / month for healthcare students
  • DocSpace Link Page (FREE)
  • DocSpace domain — (
  • DocSpace scheduling widget (Coming Soon)
  • Integrated video (Zoom, Google Meets)
  • DocSpace Community Access
DocSpace Links Pro $150/ month
  • DocSpace e-commerce functionality
  • DocSpace Care marketplace access
  • HIPAA-compliant video/telehealth
  • HIPAA-compliant schedudling widget
  • Custom domain
  • Secure payments/checkout
  • Full access to all digital health widgets

*DocSpace plans include service fees*

*DocSpace Pro is $10 / month for residents and fellows and $0 / month for qualifed healthcare students or medical graduates.

*DocSpace Links Pro: 3.5% service fee for all payouts. for full price plans. 10% service fees for residents and fellows. 20% service fees for healthcare students.

*DocSpace hosting lease agreements are short-term lease contracts between the host and the scheduling physician or clinician.

DocSpace is currently invite only