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Purchase digital health apps such as EMRs, telemedicine, chat, scheduling, patient intake forms, billing, RCM, marketing, and more.

The DocSpace App Store has a variety of apps that fit all of your healthcare business needs. Choose apps for managing patient care, online stores, marketing, billing, and so much more.

Track, monitor, and manage your entire practice across multiple sales channels like instagram, Google, and ecommerce storefronts.

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Launch your healthcare business

Find, market, and sell to the right patients or customers, wherever they are

Grow your audience, collect and manage sign up forms, and join one of our partner marketplaces

Drive more traffic to your website and measure success with integrated analytics and SEO tools

Promote and sell your services or products online or in-person via multiple sales channels

Easily manage email marketing campaigns, newsletters, blogs, and online promotions

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DocSpace Links website $15 / month
  • DocSpace Link website builder access
  • DocSpace domain — (
  • DocSpace Themes access (free and paid themes)
  • DocSpace App Store access (free and paid apps)
  • DocSpace Community access
  • DocSpace Analytics (Coming Soon)
  • DocSpace Custom Domains (Coming Soon)
Links for Healthcare Students $0 / month
  • DocSpace Link website builder access is free ($0/month) for all verified healthcare students

*DocSpace plans include service fees and sales taxes*

*DocSpace Links for Healthcare Students is only for verfied healthcare students in medical, dental, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, chiropractic, naturopathic, physical therapy, psychology, therapy, occupational therapy, or any other graduate or allied healthcare services student programs.

*To get access to DocSpace Links for Healthcare Students you must join the DocSpace Community and request a free access code. DocSpace reserves the right to cancel and delete any user accounts that are not active healthcare students.

*DocSpace Apps: There is a 5% service fee for all Buy me a taco app payouts. Please see the DocSpace terms of use for all other associated service and tax fees.

*All DocSpace Theme or Apps subscriptions are managed and billed separately. Please visit your DocSpace profile settings to cancel or update all plans and billing information.

Are you a Medical Consultant?
In pursuit in our mission to empower clinicians to start, grow, and manage healthcare businesseses, we will launch one-off projects called DocSpace Stacks. DocSpace Stacks are Links + App combos that enable clinicians to build better businesses and relationships directly with their patients, clients, and social audiences.